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Counseling for adolescents and adults in Traverse City, Michigan

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All walks of life are welcome. I strive to provide a therapeutic environment that is judgment free, whole-hearted, and completely focused on you; that recognizes and supports who you truly are and will be.

We all go through painful experiences, sometimes way more than we can handle in one lifetime. We can become lost and forget that being human is about more than survival. We doubt ourselves, lose sight of our bravery, intelligence, and how incredible we actually are. We forget that there is a SELF in there and that it is the only one on earth. It’s a brilliant, limitless, generous, wise, tough and tender self.

About Nikki Wald, LMSW

Owner of Set Forth Counseling, LLC and a clinical licensed master social worker providing counseling to adolescents and adults in Traverse City, Michigan.  Nikki writes letters for clients seeking gender affirming medical intervention per WPATH standards




Individual Therapy

Focused on you as an individual with a frequency that fits your process, schedule, and most importantly, matches the pace you are seeking. If this is your first time in counseling or you aren't sure if I am the right fit for you, I offer free consultations, no strings attached.


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